Tilt up construction is common place in Mackay, pouring onsite and lifting off the casting beds.  Murtro Precast offers an off site casting service providing a huge saving in project build time.

We have over 160m2 of heated casting beds enabling us to provide wall and floor panels large enough for any commercial project.  The maximum height for panel transport is 3.6m.  The length of the panel is limited by the length of transport trailers available.  We can currently transport panels up to 10m long.

Part of Murto's customer service is a panel design and prop layout.   Murtro also provide panel storage frames so as a complete project can be delivered and erected with minimal space and crane hire.

The applications for precast panels are endless. From building panels for housing to multi-story unit construction, retaining walls, suspended floor panels, precast stairs…the list goes on.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss the use of panels for your building projects, no matter how big or small.